Symptoms Of Schizophrenia And Newness Essay

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Jack is 27 years old; he lost his job at a video store because he swore that he was being spied on by his boss. He believed that small video cameras were placed inside the tapes to catch him when he messed up. He also, was hearing mean voices telling him that he was going to mess up and has been saying weird things that do not make sense to customers. Jack is experiencing clear symptoms of schizophrenia and newness is greatly affecting his life. Been hospitalized five times and has yet to have a girlfriend. In order for Jack to live a normal life, it is imperative that he gets treated in the help that he needs
DSM -5 criteria needed to have schizophrenia
According for a person to be diagnosed with schizophrenia a person must experience at least two of the following symptoms for at least a month: “delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, grossly abnormal psychomotor behavior, including catatonia and negative symptoms” (Comer, 364). Also, a person’s level of functioning must have decrease after the symptoms appear. Finally, the disturbances caused by the symptoms. Schizophrenia symptoms can be placed in three categories positive, negative and psychomotor. Positive symptoms add something to a person’s behavior. Examples of positive symptoms include delusions which are where has a “strange false belief” that they hold even though it is ridiculous; disorganize thinking, speech, inappropriate affect and hallucinations. Hallucinations are when a person hears, sees or…

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