Symptoms And Treatment Of Gardners Syndrome Essay

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Many people have Gardners Syndrome and most of the time it is inherited by family. Rarely is a person born without a family member having had it. The effects of this syndrome can affect a person in many ways especially after the surgery needed to treat it. After the surgery the person in most cases will have a counselor to help deal with the syndrome. there are many risks that come along with having this syndrome.
Gardners Syndrome is a rare form of Familial Adenomatous Polyposis characterized in the development of hundreds or thousands of polyps in the large intestine and duodenum, along with various types of tumors both benign and malignant. This Syndrome follows an autosomal dominant gene inheritance pattern, which a mutation happens in one copy of the gene (healthline). This means that either parent with this gene mutation will pass either their normal gene or the mutated gene along; therefore, leaving the child a 50% chance of being born without the mutation in their genes.(Cancer)
The cause of the Gardner Syndrome is the APC gene mutation. The changes in the APC gene, called the “tumor suppressor.” These gene encode proteins which are part of the system controlling the cell growth and division along the lining of the intestine, ensuring that the cells do not grow and/or divide too quickly. These changes in the gene will lead to uncontrollable growth and/or division of the cells responsible for forming the polyps, tumors, and causing the colon cancer later on in…

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