Symptoms And Symptoms Of Migraine Essay

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According to the National Headache Foundation, “10.3 million school age children ranging from 5-17, experience headaches” (National Headache, 2016). Five percent of the 10.3 million are children who suffer from migraines. Jonny is one of those five percent that suffers from chronic migraines. In years past, Jonny’s headaches have greatly decreased as his family worked closely with the school staff to help prevent onset of migraines. According to Jonny’s mom, it essential that his teachers are informed about migraines.
Jonny is a third grade student at Cypress Lakes Elementary. His mother has advocated for Jonny during his first three years of school. She advocates for her son’s education and for understanding regarding her son’s migraines. There is a vase misconception of what migraines are. Many perceive migraines as a really bad headache, and so did Jonny’s mother before her son was properly diagnosed, at age five, with having chronic migraines. It after Jonny’s diagnosis that she began to realize the real debilitating effects migraine suffers with each headache. She also learned that Jonny wasn’t alone. On the American Migraine Foundation website, Jonny’s mom learned that “8 percent of children deal with painful migraines” (Jacobs, 2016). With further research, she began to understand why her son was having migraines. Migraines are a result of inflamed blood vessels. When overactive electronical waves send signals to the brain irritate blood vessels become…

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