Symptoms And Symptoms Of Alzheimer 's A Progressive Disease Essay

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Forgetting simple things is a fact of life. Forgetting things like the date or a doctor’s ap-pointment made three weeks ago are trivial instances for the majority, often due to lack of sleep or minds being overworked. Common and normal memory loss are brief and occasional with little impact on daily life. However, in certain cases, memory loss may start slowly and minimally but as time goes on it gradually intensifies. These people may be able to remember certain events and not others, and their memory comes in waves. They may remember an occa-sion from forty years ago, but cannot remember what they did the day before. Such cases are commonly seen in the elderly–grandparents, great grandparents, or aging parents–and several people brush it off as aging. Although numerous people do experience loss of their retention as they age, not all experience devastating memory loss. The ones that do are battling a prevalent disease called Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer 's is a progressive disease that affects a large majority of people averaging 65 years and older. It causes them to lose cognitive skills, such as memory and judgment, and onsets difficult behaviors and attitudes, such as depression and anxiety, over time. Alzheimer’s disease is a subset of dementia. It is often referred to as senile dementia due to the loss of cognitive abilities. According to the Mayo Clinic, Dementia is “a group of brain disorders that results in the loss of intellectual and social skills. These changes are…

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