Symptoms And Complication Of Diabetes Essay

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It is a chronic life long condition that affect your body ability to use the energy found in food (WebMD Type of Diabetes mellitus, paragraph 1). Many physicians stressed to patient to not leave it untreated because it can have serious life threating outcome.

It is said that the longer-term damage is dysfunction and organ failure associated with chronic hyperglycemia especially in the eyes, kidneys, nerves and also heart and blood vessel (American Diabetes Association, paragraph.1).

The two most common form of this disease are Type 1 and 2 diabetes, even thought there are other kinds of diabetes as well (Diabetes Research Institute Foundation page 8). Both of type share the problem of high level of sugar in the blood; there inability to control blood sugar is what cause the symptoms and complication of both type diabetes (Chris Iliades, MD, page 1).

Type 1 diabetes is where the body immune system attacks part of it own pancreas, and Scientist are still unsure why this happens (Diabetes Research Institutes Foundation, page 1). Type 1 is more serve and sometime called juvenile diabetes, it usually develop at any age (Diabetes Research Institute, page 1). Type 1 is where the pancreas make no insulin or little where sugar cannot get into the bodies cell and use as energy. People with type 1 must use insulin injections to control their blood glucose; also most patient will have to test their blood sugar levels frequent (American Diabetes Association paragraph 1). One of the…

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