Symbols Of The Epigraph By Adolf Hitler Essay

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Likewise, the use of the epigraph by Adolf Hitler at the beginning of the graphic novel is another method of foreshadowing the terror that will take place in the future as well as the direct link it makes to the use of mice to depict the Jewish people. Hitler’s quote “the Jews are undoubtedly a race, but they are not human” suggests that the Jewish people are not considered humans by the Nazis, therefore; the Holocaust and the suffering of the Jewish people can be justified by the Germans. Therefore, Maus literally shows the reader what happens when that dictum was acted on as the Germans were hunting down the Jews. Moreover, the fact that the “Jewishness” of the Jewish people became a threat to themselves which can be clearly observed in panels where the German police capture a Jewish mouse character (Tabachnick, 1993, p. 159). As a result of the Germans not viewing the Jewish people as humans, Spiegelman opts to use of animals in presenting the characters in his graphic novel as the death and suffering can become intolerable if humans were used.
In fact, Maus acts as a medium to demonstrate the hatred towards the Jews during the Second World War. Spiegelman uses cats with sharp teeth and hooded eyes to represent the authoritative Nazis while using the much weaker mice as the Jews. Also, the animals used by Spiegelman to represent the different groups in Maus graphically illustrate the unrest in the relationships which exists between the groups (Rothberg, 1994, p. 665-666).…

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