Essay on Symbolism Within The Giver By Lois Lowry

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Symbolism is defined as “the use of symbols to signify ideas and qualities by giving them symbolic meanings that are different from their literal sense” (Symbolism - Examples and Definition of Symbolism). If people pay close attention they can find that a detail that seems insignificant can have a valuable representation. Lois Lowry implements elements of symbolism throughout The Giver series, some elements more obvious than others. The red sled, the color blue and the Forest all consist of a deeper meaning in The Giver, Gathering Blue and Messenger, respectively. All three novels contain elements of symbolism. In the first novel The Giver, one object that stands out as a symbol is the sled. The sled stands for the process of transmitting memories from The Giver to Jonas. The Giver says, “It’s like going downhill through deep snow on a sled...first it’s exhilarating...but then the snow accumulates, builds up on the runners, and you slow, you have to push hard to keep going” (Lowry 72). The sled also reflects Jonas’ new life. The sled is Jonas’ first memory, which is a very pleasant and exciting ride. However, the next memory Jonas has with the sled is not as pleasurable, it is a memory where Jonas feels a lot of physical pain. In addition, Jonas uses a real sled when he and Gabriel escape their community. The sled takes Jonas to his new world where he has free will and feels all emotions. He experiences something enjoyable and then something that hurts him, which is much…

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