Symbolism : Symbolism And Symbolism Essay

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Many Authors use symbolic references in their poetry, novels or writings. Symbolism is used to express another meaning other than what is actually being used. For example, some celebrations that are celebrated nowadays have symbolic references to religion. Like Easter, it’s celebrated around the world and most people don’t know the real symbolic reference that’s behind it; it symbolizes when Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead. The U.S. flag is also another symbol which symbolizes freedom. Symbolism helps the reader understand more clearly and read between the lines. Symbols go deep into meaning and can be very astonishing when the actual meaning behind what is actually being expressed is discovered. In the short story, The Lottery starts off describing a peaceful town with the children reluctantly filling their pockets with stones getting ready for their yearly lottery. Parents gather carrying on heavy conversations while their children gather stone after stone and toss them onto the continuously growing mound. As the town gathers at town square they begin to get nervous when the lottery begins. Mr. Summers, who is in charge of the Lottery, gathers all names in every household to participate in the lottery. As the lottery begins, everyone is silent as the names are called to pick up the white slips of paper with one containing the mark. Once every family had a paper in their hand they opened them. Bill Hutchinson had the mark on the paper, his wife Tessie complained…

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