Edgar Allan Poe's View Of Insanity

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The story represents the insight world of an insanity of the narrator. Although, the narrator claims to be completely sound while slaying a person, the reasons of him doing so, and the way he chose to do it clearly state his mental instability. The old man’s evil eye is a greater extent of a symbol of the narrator’s insanity, and it is represented through his irrational lust and delusion to get rid of a person that he loves. The narrator needs to eradicate the eye, not the person; otherwise this eye will destroy him. The eye is a symbolic representation of the narrator’s sadistic, insanity, and guilty.
The narrator enjoys tormenting; it is even more disturbing, as the narrator definitely finds a sadistic pleasure in telling about the terror
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Despite of his realistic description of the narrator’s mind and thoughts, Poe has always believed that things that are made up by the author can add a deeper meaning to the understanding of the story’s inner world than things that are simply observed and taken from the reality. It is smart of Poe to draw out the short story as the best way of depicting his reality, as people are more prone of giving all the attention to minuscule details for a brief period of time, thus taking everything as deeply as possible. Another Poe’s interesting view is that there shouldn’t be single useless details of the story, and each and every word has to contribute to the illustrious finale, and this has a more than tremendous representation in “The Tell-Tale Heart”, as the story is literally filled and soaked in its own special atmosphere of mystery. The style of writing is a high quality, and in the Poe’s hands it creates this sort of a special intimacy between the reader and the protagonist, as if it is possible to see the protagonist sitting alongside to the reader, and gesturing, and looking around as he is telling the story of his insanity. The readers dive into it, being able to feel the insanity on the tips of their fingers, as Poe not only tells a story, but allows peeking inside the storyteller’s mind, in his most sacred thoughts and domains, which indeed creates an ultimate atmosphere of

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