Symbolism Of Beauty In The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

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In The Glass Menagerie, a play written by Tennessee Williams, we are delighted by the narrative introduction by Tom in which he brings us back to the 1930s, when his family memories take place. In this singular selection, we are presented with the story of a dysfunctional family that tries to survive in America by escaping reality. The beauty in this play captivates and appeals to the audience causing a deep sympathy in us. This play is beautiful in its symbolism of the glass figurines, delicacy represented by Laura, and the uniqueness of events that are somewhat realistic.

What makes this play beautiful is that it was not meant to be perfect. Society perceives beauty as being perfect in physical attractiveness disregarding the other
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The connection Laura’s fragile emotions and her glass figurine collection is that they are both breakable. Throughout the play, Tom and Amanda, Laura and Tom’s mother, are symbols of Laura’s protection. What gives this play meaning is that even with so much effort to look out for Laura’s future well being, her present spirit is torn down. We see this when Jim, Tom 's friend who Laura falls in love with, confesses he is in love with another woman. Laura “places the unicorn in the palm of his[Jim] hand, then pushes his fingers closed upon it” (90). This gesture represents Laura 's broken heart given to Jim as a sign of peace and …show more content…
Tennessee Williams carefully and elegantly exposed us to significance behind the problems a family goes through from the outside looking in, which is Tom’s viewpoint. Laura’s shyness and low motivation have turned her into a vulnerable woman who escapes reality to spend her time contemplating transparent glass figurines. At the same time, Jim comes into her life to open her eyes to reality and to lift her spirits. Even though the play did not turn out to have a “happy ending” like the audience was expecting, Williams added a touch of genuine reality at the end, making this a beautiful art

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