Symbolism In The Urban City

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Symbolism is a form related to a specific meaning, in which symbols imply the association of ideas. The urban city itself is highlighted by many symbols which reflects ideals of a city and other which reflects the tensions within a city. The education institution and the uniform both represent the city at a high standard, each in different ways. The education institution represents the city through physical structure, social organization and attitudes. The uniform represents the city through the attributes of an urban city and the tensions brought up within it.

As Lewis Mumford said, “the city is a theatre of social action”, which is why I believe an education institution is served as a symbol for the city. If not all but most citizens
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People build friendships and intimate relationships that are carried on outside of educational institutions, and into the city. As Louis Wirth stated, “Urbanism has 3 interrelated perspectives. As a physical structure, as a system of social organization, and as a set of attitudes and ideas (pg.194).” Comparing his quote to the symbolization of an educational structure, it’s a substantial building that has a variety of individuals present each and everyday, where students are involved in different activities. From my experiences in high school, we had social clubs for different cultures, SLC (student leader council) where every student would select an executive from their grade to be their voice during school meetings. And this relates to what Louis Wirth mentioned about social organizations, that students were involved in organizing functions or activities at their own institutions where then they can apply these skills to arranging fundraisers for the city itself. In addition, although an educational institution is diverse, students are disciplined and learnt to follow rules. Teachers and …show more content…
The uniform is used to determine an individuals belonging. It is used to set people apart from others yet at the same time equalize those within, this can be seen as contradictory which I believe represents the tensions within a city. A prime example of this situation which currently takes place in modern life would be the argument on uniforms within schools. Some argue it is a positive thing seeing as it stops those judging others based on what they are wearing. Clothing has the power to show off certain aspects of one’s life, such as the amount of money they have access to or the trendy versus not so trendy style they may have. Others argue against it that, uniforms take away the unique diversity each student has to offer. Clothing is looked at as a way to express yourself, and with the uniform in play, this stops the sense of expression and freedom. This situation adds tension within the city simply because it takes place everywhere and within all these places there are a vary of opinions. Wirth explains the term “urbanism” as a “distinctive mode of human group life”. The attributes of an urban city are defined as reserve, indifference and sophistication. All three things which can be represented by a uniform. Uniforms reserve an individual in the sense that you wear it while you work or while you are in school and during that time you are wearing

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