Symbolism In Full Metal Jacket

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War is a tragic, yet important, piece of history that people must be aware of. Having several documentations and recreations of these wars into films should give a much wider audience of different generations the privilege to learn about the pain and struggles that people went through. Based on the opening sequence of Full Metal Jacket (1987), I feel that the message Stanley Kubrick successfully attempts to display to the audience is that war affects people greatly and should be understood so that it will be taken seriously. In addition, I believe that Kubrick wishes to change the way people look at war in order to give proper sympathy and respect where respect is due. Although the opening sequence is only thirteen minutes as opposed to the whole
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He quickly walks over and finds out that it was him, punches him in the stomach and yells at him as he falls to the floor. The camera tilts down to follow Joker to the ground. Here, the camera plays with primary identification and secondary identification. Quickly, the camera changes from seeing him on the ground, to seeing Sergeant Hartman yelling and pointing at the camera – at the audience. This use of camerawork puts the audience in Joker’s shoes allowing the audience to experience a taste of what he went through. His scrawny appearance and less aggressive vocal tone makes Joker automatically seem less superior to Sergeant Hartman, especially when he is asked for his “war face” and he says, “You don’t scare me, work on it.” This can be compared to the LEVI 501 jeans advertisement, because it shows how superior one person is over another. In the advertisement, the first man is showed up and basically ridiculed by the new man who is able to fix all the problems. This is relatable to how Private “Joker” says something to be funny and ends up being made into a joke

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