Symbolism In Edward Scissorhands

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Register to read the introduction… Love and acceptance are challenged when Peg Boggs, the Avon representative rescues Edward from the mansion on top of the hill where he has spent his entirety. Upon Peg entering, a wide shot shows the sun shining into the mansion symbolising how the outside world has forever shone through but never been explored. The fear and disappointment of being judged for the hands that his inventor was never able to give him as “he never woke up” has left him in solidarity disconnected from society. A close up shot shows a collection of various images relating to those who are in some way unable to perform normal daily functions, for example, using their eyes to see or their hands to touch. This suggests the reassurance Edward longs for in order to achieve a sense of belonging not only to place, but most importantly to one’s self. These images being displayed as a collection in a fireplace symbolises how the hopes and dreams of one striving to belong can easily be destroyed as they were brought about. Burton uses scenic juxtaposition as Edward is brought into the town by Peg. The perfectly coloured and trimmed houses and people are contrasted to Edward’s appearance. This effectively reveals the level of isolation that occurs when one fails to be accepted by a society. The fascination of the town he

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