Essay on Syllogism

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William Rodas
Professor Sullivan
English 1B
8 May 2014
“The Wandering Woman”
Throughout the “The Wandering Women in Rebecca” article by Richard Armstrong, the author uses a myriad of rhetorical devices in order to present this phenomenal piece of literature to a diverse audience. The phenomenal story was made into a movie, which focuses on the story based of Rebecca. The film begins in Monte Carlo on France’s Mediterranean coast. Not only is every character introduced with a distinctive and unique personality, but we also see the interaction and bonds between one another. We are briefly introduced to Maxim, a rich and handsome character, and Rebecca, who has been described as being paranoid and languorous. Next, we are introduced to
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This makes the syllogism valid because one can make the assumption that Rebecca had total control of Maxim. “For the masquerade ball she organizes for Maxim’s friends, Mrs. de Winter comes dressed as one Maxim’s ancestors, just as Rebecca once did. Maxim erupts in rage. The boathouse den has been left exactly as it was on Rebecca’s last night” (134). Here we clearly see that in fact that Maxim is more attached to Rebecca, as it seems that he is furious with the unethical act that the second Mrs. de Winter has done by copying the exact thing Rebecca did for her lover. It can be argued that Maxim becomes angry with Mrs. de Winter out of the failed respect that was given to Rebecca from her. It is obvious that Rebecca belongs more to Maxim than Mrs. de Winter and that Maxim is not willing to forget about Rebecca as the boathouse den is left exactly how it was on her last night there. Another point of interest is how in the text it is also stated that Mrs. Danvers belonged more to Maxim than Rebecca. But it seems more like Mrs. Danvers belonged more with Rebecca as she protected her like a true lover. “Mrs. Danvers knew and loved Rebecca better than anyone did. Her knowledge and appreciation of her mistress is in practically every word she utters.” Mrs. Danvers seemed to never hesitate to look out for the best interest of Rebecca throughout the story.
Although there have been several conclusions based of actions of many of the

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