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Register to read the introduction… The company engaged in producing, distributing and marketing of soft drinks including bottled Water, concentrates, RTD coffee, RTD tea and fruit/ vegetable juice. Among these, the company is well known in the U.S. for its valuable bottled Water brand. Now the company set up a branch company in Switzerland to launch its products to the country. The table below is a SWOT analysis of Jack-up Switzerland Company. Strengths | Weaknesses | Positive brand imageBroad products portfolioStrong financial resource | Lack of presence in the marketLack of loyal customers | Opportunities | Threats | Enhance brand recognition through promotionEnhance market presence through diversified distribution channels | Tough competitionNon-local brand bias |
Jack-up is well known as a leading USA non-alcoholic beverage company. This positive brand image is great beneficial to its Jack-up Switzerland Company. Meanwhile, the company owns broad products portfolio to fulfill the demands of different consumers. Apart from bottled Water, Jack-up Switzerland Company will also launch other quality soft drinks such as concentrates, juice and RTD coffee/ tea. In addition to this, Jack-up has a strong financial resource to support the initial set up and promotion of its Switzerland branches. The company had revenues of USD8068.9 million in the last fiscal year, an increase of 8% over 2012.
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According to the channel choices of Jack-up, the company will need to find appropriate wholesalers and retailers in Switzerland (Kotler & Keller, 2012). For example, the two largest Swiss retailers: Migros and Coop can be good partners for Jack-up. In channel management, the company also needs to motivate its partners so that more products can be sold (Kotler & Keller, 2012). For example, Jack-up can try to provide special discount when buyers purchase large volume.
In conclusion, Jack-up is a new company to Swiss soft drinks market. The company lack of reputation and relationship with final buyers. In this situation, dealing with end users directly is not possible and not profit to establish new stores. Therefore, utilizing manufacturer to retailer to consumer and manufacturer to wholesaler to customer marketing channels becomes the fast and effective method for Jack-up to launch new products in Switzerland.
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