Essay on Sweden 's Gender Neutral Society

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Sweden’s Gender-Neutral Pronoun “Hen”
Females are steadily approaching males in equality, with clear-cut illustrations in Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Finland. These countries have the least gender gap in the world, which is a result of continuous modernization to the countries’ infrastructure (Global Gender Gap Report 2013). Sweden’s new gender neutral pronoun “hen,” is added to the National Encyclopedia to allow the country to continue progressively moving towards a gender-neutral society. This word eliminates some of the preliminary obstacles in language such as the automatic distinction of one’s gender and promotes gender equity by abolishing society’s stereotypes between males and females. Sweden is similar to English in that it refers to males or females specifically such as “he” or “she.” As a country that is “one of the most gender neutral countries in the world”(Matthews 2012), Sweden created the word “hen” to have a single word that describes a hypothetical person, without having to refer to the specific gender (Bas-Wohlert 2012). Susanna Karlsson of the Language council Of Sweden said Swedish society “needs a third sex, a third position,” people that do not associate themselves with a gender, or would rather be referred to as a different gender are given the opportunity with “hen” to accept their place in society. According to the World Gender Gap Report from 2013, Sweden is in the top ten countries in the world with the lowest gender gap, and with…

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