Suspense, Movies, And Television Essay example

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I have often wondered why people are so attracted to works of fiction such as books, movies, and television. The first explanation that comes to mind is escapism, but as any lover of fiction knows that it is much more than simply that. Some people may see it simply as sticking one’s head underwater, and immersing oneself in colorful imaginary worlds while blocking out the truth. Escapism may play a role in why many people enjoy fiction, but it is certainly not the only reason.
People enjoy things that stimulate their emotions. We all have probably at some point read the summary of a book and thought “this sounds like it’s going to cause me great emotional pain. I’m going to read it.” It may sound masochistic, but people are attracted to things which elicit an emotional response. We like our heart strings tugged at and our emotions played with. Emotional stimulation is what makes soap operas so attractive in modern day, and was the appeal of many of Shakespeare 's great tragedies. We want to feel sorry for the characters, and feel empathy for their struggles. However, there is a threshold that varies from person to person in how much emotional stimulation they desire from a fictional work. The type of emotional stimulation people desire varies as well. Different genres often play on different emotions. The stimulation does not have to be invariably negative either. We may choose to read a comedy over a heavier work because we want the experience to lift our spirits…

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