Supporting Surveillance Data Of The Halifax County School Board

1880 Words Dec 6th, 2016 8 Pages
There are certain aspects of this program that must be deeply planned and organized, such as promoting, approval, funding, participants, staff, money, support, transportation, and facilities. Every aspect of this program must be thoroughly planned with supporting surveillance data about the increasing obesity rate among children before submitting it to the Halifax County School Board for its first step in approval. The entire approval process and program pitch will be conducted by the program head. Key factors of this program that needs to be the focal point for the program pitch to achieve approval, is the overall benefits from increased physical activity and its correlation to education as well as the benefits from extra one-on-one help on educational topics, during the most important learning stages of children. This program is a free program for underprivileged students at SBES that are between the ages of 5 through 11, that receive accommodations for meals, transportation, and after school care services. All staff will be required to have a background check and an up to date CPR and AED certification. The main staff consist of one nurse for liability purposes, teachers, tutors, high school students, college students and graduates, substitute teachers, physical education teachers, and coaches, but voluntaries are welcomed to assist with a just a background check. The following staff will be paid by grants allotted to the program; teachers, tutors, coaches, and…

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