Gothic Elements In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley definitely qualifies to be placed in the horror genre of books. It has many of the elements needed to be a horror story. There are many extreme and lonely landscapes in Frankenstein, for example, the desolate island that Victor creates and destroys Frankenstein’s companion. The mysterious atmosphere also keeps the reader guessing what will happen next, and the creation of Frankenstein is also supernatural but it is explained in the story. There is also very high emotions within the story, from the byronic hero Victor, to his creation Frankenstein, and the other supporting characters. These are reasons to believe that Frankenstein is classified as a horror novel.

The atmosphere and setting goes hand in hand in a
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When Victor hears of this terrible inequity, he knows immediately that it was Frankenstein doing and his anguish is intensified because he doesn’t know what to do. The reader’s mind races as they wonder if Justine will be charged with murder and die or if Victor will somehow prove her innocence. Another suspenseful moment in Frankenstein is when Frankenstein vows to get revenge on Victor on his wedding night. Victor thinks that he is Frankenstein’s next victim, but it’s actually Elizabeth, and this dramatic irony makes readers wonder whether (a) Victor will figure it out in time or (b) Elizabeth dies a gruesome …show more content…
The atmosphere and suspense perfectly fit together, with extreme and lonely landscapes that compile both a fearful yet engaging feeling. The way Frankenstein is created is supernatural too, because it’s an amazing event that is completely impossible in reality. The emotion shown in the novel too was very descriptive. The agony and terror that Victor felt, with a great longing for revenge is something that was Mary Shelley conveyed fully, as well as Frankenstein’s emotions turning from hopeful and curious to lonely and hateful. The women affected the horror effect too. Both Elizabeth and Justine were in distress, one being framed for murder while the other was murdered which helped Victor to completely shatter. Lastly, the byronic hero, Victor Frankenstein, was smart and sophisticated, yet his obsession with science forced him past the point of no return and he grew to have large emotional struggles which ended up being his downfall. Overall, because of these reasons, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is classified as a classical horror

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