Essay Super Troopers : A Little Town Of Spurberry Vermont

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In the movie Super Troopers, it takes place in a little town of Spurberry Vermont. The small town is over looked by two law enforcement agencies that are competing with each other. One being the local police and the other by the highway patrol. The Highway patrol is facing a budget cut by the governor that will be forcing their department to close down. As a result, the department have to prover their worth or they will have to seek out other jobs. The two departments do not see eye to eye with another and create huge problems when they come into contact with another. However, The Highway police is presented with a real crime that was committed on their stretch of highway. The accidental discovery of a corps and large amounts of marijuana is there last hope in saving not only their jobs but the whole Highway police department. Not to mention, that the Highway police know that the local police department is up to something and may have some part in this crime but they have no evidence to show that they are dirty cops. The personalities of the two departments are greatly different. Although, you see more of the Highway patrol’s personalities more in the movie than you do the local department. However, the differences between them are highly noticeable. For example, the local police department tends to be a lot more serious just like your average police officer. While on the other hand, you have the state troopers who tend to be really relaxed, who also do not take their job…

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