Essay about Summer And Winter Is The Best Season Of The Year

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Many people consider summer and winter as being the best seasons of the year. Summer, being the warmest season of the year and winter, being the coldest season, have qualities that make each person call them their favorite seasons. In order for people to call these seasons their favorites, consider what makes summer and winter different and similar.
Summer and winter are two seasons that are opposite of each other in terms of climate. During the summer people tend to see the sun out more during the day due to the summer solstice. More sunlight also means people will have more heat during the summer. The amount of heat people receive during the summer time should be the most they receive throughout the year. However, in the winter the climate is the opposite of the weather people would normally feel during the summer. During the winter time, unlike the summer, the weather is mostly cold. Winter brings shorter days and longer nights, which means less sun throughout this time of year, this is called the winter solstice. The less that there is of sun means that the cooler the weather will be that day. Another difference that the season’s summer and winter have are the activities people do during each season. During the summer people tend to do more activities, even though the weather outside is very hot around this season. Activities that are common during the summer involve being outside and enjoying the day with maybe family or friends. Parks are a very common place that…

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