Summary : ' The Night ' Essay

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Fang scanned the room, his muscles taut and every nerve on edge. His father Bliezal had been sent on an errand by the king, and Fang was commanded by Prince Greydon to have fun as it was put to him. A rather difficult thing to do when his gut screamed something was in the air. What? He couldn’t put his finger on it.
It was the youngest prince’s birthday, and the king and queen happily sipped wine at the head table, enjoying the entertainment. Yet, Fang couldn’t relax. Recently, the Oracles had announced Greydon was destined to fulfill the prophecy and kill the god Zolar. Something that needed to be done so the royal family and the people could finally be at peace. War had settled over the Valarian race since the marriage of their goddess Uuna to Zolar. Things had not ended well, and the two fought each other in a constant battle to better their armies.
Fang watched Greydon cross the room to where the queen sat. He bent and kissed his mother’s cheek, and the queen patted his arm. She loved her children, and it made Fang miss his own mother. He shoved his self-pity down and tried to follow orders. But it was difficult for he was a Daldara. A protector of the royal family and his duty was sacred.
A female’s scream sliced through the air and shattered the festivities. Shots rang out and before Fang knew what was happening, blood covered the walls and pooled across the floor. He instantly assessed the room, looking for the enemy, certain Zolar was behind the attack. But how?…

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