Summary : ' The Night ' Essay

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Merlin rubbed his hands together gleefully after he spread his purchases from Camelot’s market across the infirmary workbench – ground boar, venison ribs, and hefty sack of onions. He was so excited he could hardly stand it. Tonight, right here in the infirmary, he was hosting a supper for some of his closest friends, several Knights of Camelot, and his mentor and guardian, Gaius. He wanted to thank them for their steadfast support during the last several months, and what better way to do that than to fill their bellies?

But first things first; the hearth needed to be re-lit. Merlin approached, holding out his hand, prepared to incant a spell to start the fire, but paused. What would be really special would be him preparing this meal without using magic. Why not? He’d cooked and often enough without using magic. Perhaps not for this many people, seven, including himself, but he’d faced worse challenges.

Using his flint, Merlin got the fire going and set the cooking grate over the flames. Next, he turned to the workbench and peeled and sliced onions.

“See?” he said aloud. “Easy.”

However, the raw onions made his eyes tear, and before he knew it, he had coughed and sneezed all over the vegetables he intended to turn into an onion salad dressed oil. For a moment, he considered pretending like that had never happened and serving them anyway, but decided that would be poor form. He started over, and managed to create the salad without further issue.

Next came the boar…

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