Summary: The Corruption Of The Catholic Church?

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Those monsters. Those hypocrites. Those ungodly, corrupt, monstrous hypocrites. I had a town. I had a congregation. I had a community. They took that all away. The Inquisition massacred my town.
What does massacring innocents show about the Catholic Church? Does it show that they are moral? Certainly not. Does it counter the accusations of corruption rife throughout the church? Not but in forever silencing the voices of the accusers.
I am a servant of God. That fact will never change. I may have once called myself priest, but that title has been tainted with the corruption that has overtaken the Catholic Church. It is because of this that I would have broken ties with the church, were it not for the danger that would have ensued for me and
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They closed and barricaded the doors so that none could escape, and began to batter me with kicks and blows by the flats of their swords. The fire now glowed with the radiance of daylight. Stark shadows danced erratically about me, taunting my inability to do more than lie cemented to the ground and watch as those I hold most dearly endure a most agonizing death. The muffled sound of infernal chaos and terror emanated through the walls of the church and into the night.
For what seemed like an eternity the night continued. The sky grew light and the world grew quiet. I stared for ages at the smoldering remains of what was once my life. The soldiers, finished with their horrible mission, tossed me into a cart. In my despair, the world faded around me. And now I 've awoken here in this abyss.
I 'm lying on the ground. I still can 't move my legs. My wrists are in shackles. I must have been unconscious for quite a while, as my wrists are already sore and bleeding from the shackles. The world around me is shrouded in complete darkness, and is incredibly cold. I 'm sure if there were light present, I would see my breath as I exhale. The ground is wet. And what is this, slime? Some sort of slimy substance is on the ground and has mixed itself into my hair and soaked into my
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I won 't just drift off from dehydration. I 'll become too weak to hold up my head and drown. How could anyone devise such a horrible death? Making a person who is dying of dehydration instead drown in an undrinkable abundance of water? How can such an evil person exist? Well, I 'll give my torturer no more pleasure in my suffering. I refuse to endure senseless suffering just to gain a little more time before my gruesome death. I force my head under the water, and allow the water into my airway. The water causes a burning sensation as it pervades through my lungs. It 's peaceful, for a moment. But the moment fades as quickly as it began, and I lose control of my breath as my body instinctively tries to breathe. I begin to seize, and pain shoots through my body, emanating from my lungs. It 's the worst pain I 've ever felt. For what feels like forever, this continues, with the agony showing no sign of subsiding.
My head is spinning. It 's not long now until I 'll be dead. I can feel my soul pulling on my body, trying to escape. I no longer feel the water around me, but instead I feel weightless. Images keep flashing through my head, but I can 't seem to retain them or any other thought for more than a moment. My thoughts and my sense of identity suddenly seem quite transient. My mind is being stripped away, layer by layer. In no time at all, all the layers are stripped away, leaving nothing left but my soul. Now my fate is in the hands

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