Essay about Summary : ' Sickness ' And ' Health '

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In Sickness and in Health One aspect that many people read travel narratives for is the danger, the risk to the protagonist 's life as they travel through unknown lands. In a travel narrative, especially one written in an early part of human history, the chance of injury or illness is all too great. But what interests an audience is not just the thrill of how close the protagonist comes to death, but how the protagonist handles their suffering. This essay will compare Ibn Ibn Battuta and Joinville in how they handle the physical suffering of their protagonists, from Ibn Ibn Battuta pushing through multiple fevers to make it to Mecca, to Joinville holding his sickened priest upright to finish his Mass. Ibn Ibn Battuta was a known, famous traveler, and had many brushes with death along his travels. Most notably, he was struck by fever on his pilgrimage to Mecca at least twice. In both instances, rather than stopping, Ibn Battuta insists "If God decrees my death, then my death shall be on the road, with my face set towards the land of the Hijaz", and in the second incidence of fever Ibn Battuta ties himself to his saddle to stop himself from falling off (Dunn 33-35). His group was attacked by a "band of cameleers" and Ibn Battuta claims that "the Divine Will diverted them and prevented them from doing us the harm that they had intended" (Dunn 39). In all these incidences, a similar theme is clear, one where Ibn Battuta pushes through his illness for his faith, and…

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