Summary On The Structuralist Theory Essay

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Summary for the Structuralist Theory
In “Reading Lessons: An Introduction to Theory”, Scott Carpenter explains the structuralism, and what the structuralist focuses on. Structuralism is defined as “a multifaceted group of theories with varied and disparate goals” (Carpenter 27). It focuses on the structure of the message or the text which includes “big ticket themes”, repeated plot, repeated images, and binary oppositions. The “big ticket themes” is like “Man versus Society, Boys meets Girls, and so forth” (Carpenter 23). Moreover, Carpenter discusses, “Patterns are established by repetition and differentiation” (29), so structuralist emphasizes on which images or plots are repeated and different in the whole concept of the message.
Carpenter, furthermore, talks about a “binary” opposition, which is “the smallest structural unit is not a unit at all; it is a pair, an opposition between two things” (29). Since the binary oppositions occurs everywhere, some instances for this element are good guys versus bad guys, black versus white, innocent versus corrupt, and the past versus the present (Carpenter 30). As Carpenter mentions “structrualists tend to look at texts as games, it is the one that plays itself out in front of the reader as she reads”. Therefore, the structuralist theory is to understand the pattern, and how the structures of the context relate to the whole themes by using the structuralism tools.
Binary Opposition, Strong versus Weak
The structuralism can be used…

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