Summary Of The Radical And The Republican, By Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincolns presidency had a lot to do with slavery and whether it should expand to the west or stay where it already existed. For Lincoln this was not an easy political issue to resolve. He had the southerners in one ear to expand slavery and the northerners in the other to abolish it. An issue that determined his entire career. One wrong move could spark a fire and create a war, and or lose half of the union because he interfered with slavery in the southern states. Lincoln did not want to fight a war with the south over slavery, his main concern was preserving the union. Although Lincoln was against slavery, he still had some opposing views on black race as one. He hated the idea of slavery, but also had a problem with blacks participating …show more content…
He always had good arguments on why slavery should be abolished. Douglass not only had a great influence over Lincoln but over the whole republican party. Douglass always had opposing views on what Lincoln saw and he would make it clear laws should be changed. In page 131 in The Radical and the Republican, the author describes various issues where Lincoln and Douglass had different views on and showed how Douglass always had that advantage of influencing other northerners on why slavery should be terminated. This pressured Lincoln to hear what everyone else had to say, influencing him to do what the people wanted. Frederick Douglass also met with Abraham Lincoln where they spoke about different aspect to help the African-American race. Douglass brought up examples of using black in the union army and creating safe havens for fugitives (something Lincoln did not agree on). Douglass began his own political war against white-racists. “The first battle, against emigrationism…,” (189) Here Douglass fought for the wrongful means of emigrationism with other black leaders. Influencing and showing Abraham Lincoln they had other ways to attack the racism and slavery in the

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