Summary Of ' The Point At Which I Got Up Again On Book II ' Essay

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The point at which I picked up again on Book II starts with Socrates switching from individual justice to political justice. In order to do this, the group will have to construct a completely good city so that it is fully virtuous and just. When the city is finished, he will discuss the soul. Socrates starts his city in very basic stages until he finally talks about making it luxurious. However, appetite desires always occur and must be accounted for. Guardians are made to protect against these desires and madness. Socrates also makes the point that a person must specialize in their job and only that one occupation. He also discusses the traits of the guardians and the education of them to make them the best possible protectors of the city. After reading this section, I realized how confusing the arguments made can really be. The philosophers get into the very fundamentals of all humanity, which can be very difficult to understand a lot of the time. However, the ideas about the guardians made perfect sense to me. They would need physical strength, a sound mind, and a good upbringing in order to truly protect the city. The theme of justice is prevalent as it always is; the themes of specialization and education become much more obvious. I consider the guardians’ way of life very similar to my own. With physical training and education being my priorities for a sound future, I think that I myself might have been considered a guardian. In Book III, Socrates continues explaining…

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