Summary Of ' The Dinosaur Foot Prints ' Essay

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This morning after breakfast, we had our evaluation meeting, after which I went and read my Bible. While I was reading, Sis Gault came back to tell me that Bro Gault did not have his meeting after all, so we could go see the dinosaur foot prints today. Bro Gault, Kristel, Kaitlyn, and I left very shortly after that. We went to the village of Mirija. On the way there, Bro Gault was telling me some history about this village. A Christian colored man came here a trader and the chief here wanted him to buy them some guys. Because he mixed blood with the French, he had access to guns. The trader told the chief that guns would not bring peace to his village, but war among their own village men. He told him that if he wanted peace, he could get a missionary. The chief asked where he could get a missionary. The trader told him that he could send to the outpost that he had come from. The chief sent 100 cows with some of his men to buy a missionary for his village. On the way the cows were stolen. The men came back. He sent 100 more cows. They were stolen too. They came back again. Finally, he sent the men and told them to tell the missionaries to come get their cows. When the men got there, three new missionaries had just arrived and were waiting to be given an outpost. The missionaries took it as a sign from God since the men from the village had finally arrived right after they themselves had arrived. The three men came to Lesotho as the first missionaries here. The chief gave…

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