Summary Of ' The Darkness Of Hell ' Essay

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Cadence awoke.

An immense pressure bore on her confused mind, feeling like a lost soul in the depths of hell. Her vision swam into focus as her eye adjusted to the dim light, coming from some crack in the wall, but only for a minute, before it dwindled like a dying star, brining darkness once more. The world around her was like a distorted night sky, gyrating across rippling ocean waves, lit by the moon.

Everything was so nebulous, still. All around her were thousands of strange bloods of indistinct colours, mixing and weaving and colliding in every direction, all so vibrant yet seeming to be plunged in the inscrutable darkness. To Cadence, it felt like she had awoken from her sleep, and that her blurred vision was just her waking up, but the daze was persisting.

Cadence kept watching the colours for a bit; but while she did, something felt increasingly wrong, yet she couldn’t quite pinpoint why. She felt weak and tired, but it also felt like she had rested for a very long time. It felt as though she was drifting off to sleep while in a dream. She was unable to decipher whether or not the colours were bright or dark. It was a contrasting conflation.

She wanted the blobs of colour to evanesce because, with them, came disturbing cackles and eerie whispers resonating all around—as if the psychiatric cell, where she was kept prisoner by being chained to the white padded walls, were filling itself with ghosts and memories of the asylum’s past.

The cackles and whispers…

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