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Author Edmund S. Morgan wrote a masterpiece with the creation of the novel American Slavery, American Freedom: The ordeal of Colonial Virginia this book focuses on the development of slavery, freedom, and 18th century Virginia. The novel is composed of 4 sections, Morgan discusses in the book the origin of the poor relationship between Virginia colonists and American Indians and the rise of raw material like tobacco and corn. American Indians were the first indigenous humans living in North American before the British colonists left England, to escape religious persecution all around Europe. Morgan is quoted calling the simultaneous development of slavery and freedom "the central paradox of American history". This
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Slavery began when the first African Slaves were brought from Africa to the colony of Jamestown, Virginia. In 1619, the Dutch were the first to introduce captured African to American with the thought they could serve as indenture servants like many of people in the New world. After the boom of agriculture the demand of slaves was at a all time high and the invention in 1660 by King Charles II of England established the Royal African Company to transport humans they called "Black Gold" from Africa to American. This novel discuses American 's long history racial inequality with its origins in the entrenchment of the racial slavery in the seventeenth and eightieth century in Virginia. Morgan explains upon settling on American soil Virginia colonists and American Indians the trade for tobacco and important crop at the time where very important due to the settlers just arriving and having to understand the new land and learn how to farm to survive. During the harsh winter colonist saw many of their manpower die of starvation and diseases, so a subsequently Virginia suffered a huge labor shortage due to all the deaths. By the third section of the novel we see the increase of property purchase, and the rebellion of among colonists. In result, of the high demand for land purchase colonist need more land forces that could be cheaper than the indenture servants the use of slavery was now beginning to be used at a all time high. Morgan describe the huge ships containing hundreds of African Slaves were brought in the country through Virginia and sold all up and down the 18 colonies. Lastly, in the fourth and final section of the novel the conversion of Virginia 's new booming agriculture system forced all servants and slaves to now work for free and are property to their owners. Morgan writes in the novel "They converted to slavery simply by buying salves instead

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