Summary Of Silent Spring By Rachel Carson

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When many people picture revolutionaries, the image that comes to mind are fiercely courageous men and women who are prepared to die for their country or cause, people such as Che Guevara or George Washington. However, not all revolutionaries’ have these heroic qualities, but they can possess a non-violent and quiet presence. Rachel Carson was a marine biologist, environmentalist and writer whose ideas were far ahead of her time. Rachel exposed the use of harmful, life threatening pesticides and chemicals that were being used all across the globe in the 1960’s. Rachel Carson spread awareness of various types of chemicals that large corporations had declared as perfectly safe, and she prevailed over the propaganda used by the companies. Rachel’s book, Silent Spring, lead to many environmental changes that took place in the chemical industry. Today, the teachings of Rachel Carson have influenced many environmentalists, and they have raised environmental consciousness throughout the country. Rachel Carson’s goal in writing Silent Spring was to raise awareness of the use of the …show more content…
Rachel inspired many people to become more aware of crucial environmental issues. In the 60’s, when people became aware of the life threatening uses of DDT and how they endangered wildlife and impacted people, they worked together to ban the toxic chemical (Which took nearly 10 years to ban). If humans were capable of working together in this specific case to ban DDT, then why can’t people do the same with global warming? Miss. Carson inspired people to confront the issue of DDT and many environmentalists followed her lead by making changes towards environmental issues that have occurred throughout the century. Global warming is a crucial issue that has been formed by the burning of fossil fuels, and the whole world could work together to slow the affects of the ticking time bomb. The question is… can we help it before it’s too

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