Summary Of Shirley Jackson's American Flag Stands For Tolerance

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What characteristics do you think of when you imagine our world? Peacefulness or hatred? Acceptance or rejection? Our world is a balance between the two, but what if it was lopsided? Discrimination and chaos would rule the world. It would corrupt our lives and spread like a disease. In the stories, “The Wife’s Story” by Ursula K. Le Guin and “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, they convey the theme of discrimination. On the other hand, “American Flag Stands for Tolerance” by Ronald J. Allen, shows his opinion on acceptance. Throughout these stories, they all show that discrimination and not accepting others leads to devastating consequences.
In the persuasive article , “American Flag Stands for Tolerance”, the author specifically addresses the
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All the people of the village were intolerant of Mrs. Hutchinson’s comments about how her family won. After being chosen, Mrs. Hutchinson is stoned to death by all of the people in the town.
In the last story, “The Wife’s Story” by Ursula K. Le Guin, a pack of wolves kill a human. In the beginning, the narrator, a wolf, realizes that her husband seems suspicious and all of the sudden turns into a human. The human acts irrationally and tries to hurt the narrator and her poor children. “But it picked up a heavy fallen tree branch in its long white foot, and shoved the end of that down into our house, at me. I snapped the end of it in my teeth and started to force my way out, because I knew the man would kill our children.” (Le Guin CR7). Le Guin is showing that the narrator is scared of the human because it’s different than her and is attempting to injure her. The difference between the wolves and the humans in “The Wife’s Story” is the wolves want to protect themselves and the human wants to harm the wolves. After the narrator howls for the others in the pack to appear, they all attack and kill the human. The wolves do not show acceptance of the husband because he turns into a human and tries to harm them. They discriminate him because he is not like them. “He stood up then on two legs. I saw him, I had to see him, my own dear love, turned into the hateful one.” (Le Guin CR7). The author conveys to the reader that people

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