Summary Of My Family

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3. Write a summary of the month. What did you buy? Did you get an apartment? What did you eat? What did you buy? How was the quality of life during that month?

This month was a pretty ok one. I bought things such as food from Dollar Tree, Hannaford and Dollar General. I was able to buy enough food that would last my family for the month and still have an adequate amount of money left for more food, if need be. I was also able to purchase an apartment for eight hundred dollars a month. This apartment came with 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, it’s not as close to the town as I would have liked, but its livable for my family. The families diet is a pretty well rounded diet to a degree, we were unable to buy the organic food because it was a bit
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For example, my family could only use transportation in a case of emergency. They have to walk to their destination if it is not an emergency. We can apply for a car that is donated to low income families, but there is a long waiting list. The clothes that the adults would get for free or purchase for a lower price are clothes that have already been wore and use. If the family wants to go out and enjoy a nice dinner they cannot because food stamps do not allow them to purchase hot food. Also, the only way for the family to watch television is through the usage of an antenna that can only pick up local program, we cannot afford to have …show more content…
By stating, “people on welfare are taking advantage of the system and using tax payers money to “live high” without working” is completely ludicrous. People find themselves in various unfortunate situations and sometimes need assistance. Not everyone is born into a family with skills and that are knowledgeable about how the system in the United States works. Welfare is government assistance, but there is a catch to it. On welfare you cannot have a job that makes a decent amount, or the benefits that you are receiving will be lowered. If you do get a job, but don’t have some sort of degree, one barely makes anything. He or She is basically working for a day’s bread. Then there is this common misconception that, when one obtains a job, he/she then has access to the marketplace and can uncover truths and a bit of transparency that can help them to a certain degree. Politicians say this because it’s a way of still keeping around a hierarchical system. They do not believe in true equality for the people that reside in this country. They need someone, or people to look down upon to have a taste of self-glorification, or to think of themselves as being among the elite. They fail to realize that this so called Great America was built off the backs of slaves, and that this land of the free and home of the brave, is a lie. This is a land of a bunch of cowards who indulge in passivism, in regards to

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