The Plot In James Hilton's Lost Horizon

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Lost Horizon is a fantasy, fiction, and adventure based 1933 novel by English writer
James Hilton. James Hilton was born on 9 th
September 1990 in Lancashire, England. He was from a reputed family where his father was a headmaster of a school. It was published by
Macmillan, an international publishing company that publishes books, academic journals and magazines worldwide in the year 1933. The book was turned into a movie, also called Lost
Horizon in 1937 by director Frank Capra. The book has been called one of the most popular novels of the 20 th century and is best

remembered as the origin of Shangri-la, a fictional monastery situated high in the mountains of Tibet.

The book narrates the story of a group of passengers being evacuated
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The pilot dies after a plane crash in the mountains where Chang, a Chinese man from Shangri-la greets them and guides them to Shangri-la. The passengers are fed and clothed properly by servants. After getting a proper service on the first day, all the passengers decide to stay next few months in the …show more content…
That night, Conway wondered out into the courtyard and hears trumpets and gongs in the distance. He overhears a conversation and gets to know the music is for the pilots’ funeral, Talu who ‘‘obeyed the high ones of Shangri-la’’.

After few days, Conway met the High Lama with whom he talks about how Shangri-la was founded. He also gets to know that anyone is welcome in Shangri-la but nobody is allowed to leave it. After the talk
Conway comes to the conclusion that the High Lama is, in fact, the original Capuchin monk who founded the lamasery, Father Perrault, who is now over three hundred years old. Over the months, Conway begins to feel more and more at peace in Shangri-la. He realizes that he is in love with Lo-Tsen, a Chinese woman that was an 18-year- old Manchu princess, travelling in the mountains for her wedding and got lost only to end up at the lamasery. After a couple of meetings with the High Lama, the last meeting ends with the High Lama saying that he wants to leave lamasery under Conway’s direction. As the conversation ends, the High
Lama, Father Perrault closes his eyes and passes away. In

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