Summary Of ' Lois Scarlet Long ' Essay

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Lois Scarlet Long is my mother and also one of my greatest heroes. She is 59 going on 40 and is the definition of a “strong, independent woman.” In spite of being in a conservative, “traditional” marriage, she has always been the breadwinner in our family and never the cook. During her time working for Questar Gas, she has worked her way from a secretary with an associate’s degree to a contract administrator where she rides on
ATVs to survey pipelines and squabbles with attorneys over payments and zoning.
During our interview, we discussed her work and some of her opinions about life. We have had some major changes in my family recently, with my marriage, my youngest brother coming out as gay, and my middle brother coming out as a Democrat (he was my parent’s last hope), but she didn’t want to touch anything controversial and I respected that. In spite of not going where I planned, the interview was very insightful for me, and my mother’s warm, albeit impatient personality shone through.
Lois started her career at Questar at the age of 25, not expecting long-term employment. “My boss, Ray was really good to me,” she said, “and they kept offering raises, so I stayed!” After four or five years, her boss died very tragically due to a progressive and serious brain tumor. She spent the next handful of years bounced from boss to boss, never really finding a good fit. During her last gig as a secretary, her boss sat her down and essentially said she was too committed to her family…

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