Summary Of ' Kill A Mockingbird ' And ' A Once Genial Child '

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Like the gentle and impressionable song of a mockingbird, children are often blind to the true ignorance and hatred in the world around them due to their joyful demeanor and naivety. Yet this innocence dies as does the song of a mockingbird, and a once genial child begins to see the true nature of the interactions happening around them. During the three years which the book To Kill A Mockingbird details, the book’s main character, Scout Finch, battles a constant internal conflict caused by a loss of innocence in her world and a slow but steady maturation, displayed by the change in Scout’s reactions to different events and her feelings of guilt and contempt with society.
Throughout the book, Scout Finch is portrayed as a tomboyish and naïve little girl, but as time goes on, Scout seems to develop a deeper understanding of the world around her through an internal struggle that she shared with few. This maturation in Scout can be seen in the way that Scout’s reactions to certain events change over time. One of the very first scenes we see in the book To Kill a Mockingbird is of Scout encountering another child at school, Walter Cunningham, a member of one of the infamous lower class families in Maycomb, on the playground and attempting to beat him up. Although Scout does not succeed due to being stopped by her older brother Jem, this scene simply shows the juvenile and mischievous demeanor of Scout in the beginning of the book. This scene lays in stark contrast to that of the…

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