Summary Of ' It 's Not You, It ' Me ! ' Essay

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“It’s Not You, It’s Me!”
Despite there seems to be a tradition of oppression towards women found in most- if not all- societies. The oppression of women can be traced back into early civilizations, but why? The patriarchal society that is rooted in most countries is a form of inequality, favoring men over women. Although the issue of women oppressing other women is a topic not discussed enough, but should be. In order to understand why the oppression of women is still taking place, one must identify the groups involved in the oppression and how their actions contribute to the oppression? In the first two chapters of Talking Back bell hooks sheds light on her personal experience of being oppressed both by males and females in her family.
In chapter 2 of Talking Back the reader takes in how hooks faced oppression from both sides of the spectrum: male and female. Her southern black community believed women had the opportunity to preach everyday rules and how to act in the home, but that was as far as it went. The men, on the other hand, were allowed to speak up and argue. Young girls disagreeing were punished for talking back, however a young boy disagreeing characterized him as a future preacher. According to bell hooks women had “no calling to preach,” like men and young boys did. She also points out that the “voices of black women could be tuned out,” nobody was obligated to listen or remember what these women had to say- including other females (hooks 6). This…

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