Summary Of ' I 'm Not Lost ' Essay

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“Wait there a minute girl, I’ve got to ring you in…”
“But I’m not LOST.”
The two strangers’ fought for space in the phone box.
“Hello, hello? Yeah I’ve got a girl here, I found her wandering around lost by the edge of the road out in the wasteland on the back of Old Town…”
The stranger stretched his neck round to get a better look.
“You are a girl right? It’s kind of hard to tell.”
“I’m calling from New Detroit – yeah that’s right – yeah I’m OK to hold…”
The young man in the grubby tradesman’s overalls stepped back and started studying the old analogue payphone unit.
The girl watched the scruffy man studying the phone like it was something from outer space and wondered what he was looking for. What a weird guy.
She jabbed her elbow in his side and reached for her skateboard.
The scruffy man made way for the smaller girl whilst keeping the skateboard out of her reach tucked in between his leg and the glass panel on the side of the booth.
“Hello…hello? Hi yes, my name’s Todd Katz, is this the local control room in New Detroit? OK great, yeah that’s right I found a lost girl…”
“She looks about eleven years old…”
“…she’s kind of tomboyish, you know? She’s got short, floppy hair….a sort of golden brown color I guess…I thought she was a boy at first, when I saw her fall off the skateboard but she’s so tiny you know? I pulled over and realized she was a girl.”
The girl stopped jabbing her elbow and stared at the man.
“I…I don’t know…

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