Summary Of ' I 'm Dead ' Essay

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1. Identity
"I 'm dead you want to talk about my family and here I been dead to them fifty years." (McBridc1)

Ruth started telling her story by making it clear that she is "dead" to her family. Therefore, who Ruth was in the beginning of her life was probably different and had been dead to her for a long time now since she has been away from those who have raised her as a child for this long. The leader can infer that her identity is very different now.

2. Identity
"As a boy, I always thought my mother was strange. She never cared socialize with our neighbors her past was a mystery she refused to discuss."(McBride 9)
The narrator (Ruth’s son) explains more about Ruth and who she is. What the narrator talks about is Ruth after she had left her family. But to this point Ruth is past is a mystery” since she always refused to discuss. Therefore, the reader doesn’t know real identity yet.
3. Identity
“I was afraid of Tateh and how no love for him at all. I dreaded him and was relieved anytime he left the house. But it affected me in a lot of way, what he did to me. I had very low self-esteem as a child, which I kept for many, many years; and even now I don’t want to be around anyone who is domineering or pushing me around because it makes me nervous,.( McBride 42-43)
In this part of the story Ruth begins telling the narrator about her real identity. Ruth hated Tateh which is “father” in Yiddish because Tateh was the reason for her…

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