Summary Of ' Good Country People ' Essay

883 Words Mar 8th, 2016 4 Pages
“Good Country People” illustrates that dismissing sin instead of accepting it leads to great loss. Hulga believes she is much more intelligent and cultured than her mother and those around her, especially because of her choice to be atheistic. When a good country Bible salesperson, Pointer, arrives, she believes she can easily trick and corrupt him, yet even when he tricks her, she attempts to reaffirm her spiritual position by criticizing his, stating “‘you’re a fine Christian! You’re just like them all - say one thing and do another. You’re a perfect Christian” (184). Her narcissism is apparent as each description is laced with sarcasm. By critiquing a nonexistent straw man Christian, she is able to dismiss her loss as the fault of someone else. This shifting of blame also occurs in her criticism of Pointer as doing one thing and saying another, as she did exactly that in her attempts to corrupt him. In order to ignore her sin, rather than face the consequence of being wrong and admitting error, she instead chooses to shift all blame onto another person, and is thus able to retain her narcissistic view of herself. However, she loses her fake leg, a symbol for her ability, as a result of refusing to accept that she may have been wrong in any form. Pointer, unlike Hulga, does not deny any wrongdoing. Pointer is an amoral atheist that steals prosthetics from girls he tricks. His inability to judge his actions morally or consider sin empowers him and allows for him to…

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