Essay about Summary Of ' A Life Beyond ' Do What You Love '

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A person cannot always do what they love most and still afford to survive in today’s world. In the featured article “A Life Beyond ‘Do What You Love’”, the author, Gordon Marino takes a stance on the debate of whether a person should do what they love or do what most needs to be done.
Gordon Marino is not only a published author of the New York Times, but also an occupational counselor, so his argument is one that is especially important to his students. The purpose of his argument was to help his audience, primarily students and young adults, understand that an individual cannot always follow their dream. Marinos’ argument of a life beyond doing what a person loves was greatly effective in a large part due to his way of forming his argument. Throughout his work he employs the use of techniques such as citing other professionals, addressing counterarguments, providing a clear definition of terms, and raising a question and then proceeding to answer it at length. Throughout the article Gordon Marino brings attention to the credibility he holds and even cites other well-known individuals. Marino does this to help his readers see him as a person to be believed. In the article Marino will often quote the works and sayings of Kant. Marino quotes Kant here saying, “In his treatise on ethics, “The Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals,”
Kant ponders: Suppose a man “finds himself a talent which might make him a useful man in many respects. But he finds himself in…

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