Similarities Between Indigenous People And Druidism

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Druidism is a religion as old as time. Its members consist of people from all walks of life, and its practices are as diverse as the Druids themselves. They do not actively recruit new members but are happy to include any who show an interest in embracing the “…. spiritual journey of the individual’s soul, one that honours each unique vision and expression” (Orr, 1998, p. 13). Important questions to ask before committing to a life of Druidism is how the followers create order and meaning within their belief system; what are their central beliefs; what ritual practices and ethical views do they adhere to; and how do the Druids beliefs compare to those of other religions. Druidism is a very flexible religion. In fact, many assert that it is …show more content…
In this course, we have learned about numerous religions, and when compared to Druidry, there are many similarities that really stand out. The Indigenous Peoples and the Druids both have a firm belief in honouring the spirits and ancestors, which played an important role in their religious practices. Both religions also have a very close, intimate connection to nature and believe it is their duty to protect it (Fisher & Rinehart, 2017, pp. 39 & 43). There are also ritual practices that Druidism shares with other religions such as Hinduism and Judaism. These ritual practices are a celebration of the seasons and offerings that are given to release the passing season and welcome the upcoming one (pp. 105 & 287-290). One last religious comparison with Druidry is Jainism. They both believe all lifeforms, no matter how small, have a right to live and should be respected (pp. 123-124). It is depressing to witness all the hatred and fighting going on in the world today, all in the name of religion. Peace only requires a small amount of time. Time to learn that there are possibly more similarities between religions than there are

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