Suicide Facts

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Suicide is an issue that’s growing in society. 1000s of america’s youth kill themselves every year (Otsuki 10). Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in the world for 15-24 year olds (Otsuki 10-11). An estimated 100-200 suicide attempts are made for every 1 completed suicide (Otsuki 11). A woman who is a victim of self-harm recalls her experience. “ Despite people around me having some inclination about what was happening to me, no one intervened. And my difficulties continued. Shrouded in a secrecy that allowed them to get worse” (“Self-harm…”). She recalls that people no longer wanted to invest time with her as they thought she was suicidal. (“Self-harm…”). The women also recalls that it was hard asking for help as she didn 't believe …show more content…
In 2013 seventeen percent of students in grades nine through twelve seriously considered attempting suicide (“Suicide Facts…”). 2.7 percent made a suicide attempt that resulted in injury (poisoning or overdose) (“Suicide Facts…”). Adults eighteen to twenty-five reported having the highest percent of suicidal thoughts (“Suicide Facts…”). 2.7 million people made a plan for suicide in the past year (“Suicide Facts…”). Suicide is a major problem among young people in the united states (“Suicide…”). Of three-hundred and seventy-three websites thirty-one percent were suicide neutral, twenty-nine percent were anti suicide, and eleven percent were pro suicide (Luxton). How would it feel to have a loved one fall to suicide …show more content…
If we encourage suicide we will never know who is going to make the next invention or innovation of modern science. Who knows, Matt from biology may be the guy who finds the cure for cancer but he 's bullied for having a 3.95 GPA but, all he does is go home and cry and self-harm because he feels like such a nerd and he either gives up and quits or, he commits suicide all because the cheerleaders who think they are above everyone else call him a nerd every single day of his life and bully him. Thirteen percent of all students grades six to ten reported being cyber bullied (“Suicide…”). if we encourage bullying and suicide in society today our society will utterly crumble, nothing would ever happen. One person can 't make a difference in this world full of people (“Why…”). The person who can actually make a difference is not you or me (“Why…”). This argument makes no sense because who knows! You or someone else could revolutionize the world, but we may never know because we are ridiculed and bullied for having good ideas so we quit. If everyone would stop the bullying and help those who need it the cure to cancer or the flying car could be in our lifetime not in 200 years because we have to wait around for someone who can overcome the bullies and do it anyways. As human beings we are worth it, we are not a waste of space. When you bring up the argument that everyone is a threat, that

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