Suicide Should End Not A Life Essay

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Suicide Should End… Not a Life.
“Committing suicide is a choice and it happens when pain of your problem exceeds the resources to cope with the pain” (unknown)

Suicide is a course of action in which an individual uses to end their own life. This seemingly growing trend has become a cancer to many individuals throughout the world. Suicide has become the 10th leading cause of death within the United States alone. In the year 2013 the Unites States, there was reported 41,149 lives taken by the hands of suicide. A recent report states that there are approximately 105 lives taken by suicide on a daily basis; which boils down to one life being taken by suicide approximately every 13 minutes. In every suicide attempt 1 out of 25 will suffer death. (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education,2013-2015).

The Thought of committing suicide can be prevented and are redirected to help save an individual’s life. The solution of stopping suicide can be orchestrated by those that are closest to a suicidal individual. Whether it is a family member, friend, co-workers, or even a classmate once you recognize the symptoms of a suicidal individual you should take action. Even if you don 't know that particular person you can still take action by leading or guiding them to someone or something that can direct them a transformed life. Every life is valuable in one way, shape or form; if action is not taken, then that can lead to another life being lost.
Sadly to say in our world that is around…

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