Essay on Suicide Prevention

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Robert Pellen
English 101C-1T
Professor Landis
14 December 2010
Suicide Prevention for the Military
Today is very sad and troubling days in the military. The hero’s are coming home from war safe and sound only to die by their own hands, suicide.
I am deeply saddened to know that my band of brothers and sisters are dying. The fact that they are not dying on the battle field is not what has my sorrows at the forefront of my thoughts, but that they themselves are taking their lives by their own hands. There has to be away for the rest of us to help, and that help has to start now.
The military is starting to set up programs for the mental health crisis that is sweeping today’s soldiers. We as American’s need to step to the forefront
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This has to be the reason that between 2005 and 2009 more than 1,100 military members took their own lives by suicide (“When Warriors Hurt Themselves”). To be honest the suicide rates have not gone unnoticed. If you ask any soldier if they are briefed about suicide prevention, they say that they do get some form of suicide prevention briefs. The problem is the spectrum of the briefs is way too broad for every soldier. The fact is most soldiers will tell you they are bored to death from listening to a suicide prevention brief, the reason is that the briefs are just a general topic and do not delve deeper into the problems each individual soldier is having (“When Warriors Hurt Themselves”).
There are some strides being made to reach out to veterans. This is happening by using modern communication streams such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube (“Suicidal vets find lifeline on social Web sites”). Now that soldiers are using this media to talk, a local Veterans Association in Huston Texas is starting their own local Web site for veterans and soldiers in the Huston area to get together and talk things out(“Suicidal vets find lifeline on social Web sites”).
The modern battlefield has many of the same comforts as most Americans homes have, such as internet right at their bed sides. This is making it possible for soldiers to keep in touch with their families back home. The military should use this as a tool and start local

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