Suicide In America

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Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in all ages of people in the United States with a staggering number of approximately 41,000 recorded in 2013. It is a given that suicide is a big issue in America. Between 1990 and 2000, the suicide rate decreased from 12.5 suicides to 10.4 for every 100,000. Over the last ten years, though, it has increased up to 12.1, measuring up to 105 Americans dying every day from suicide. It is easy to find all sorts of information on those who are at risk, the prevention of suicide itself and what to do with it, as well as depression linking to suicide. With the issue of suicide in America, there are many people that are at risk of such an awful thing, but those who are at risk tend to share the same …show more content…
In regards to gender, men are more likely to become successful in their attempt over women; this being because men typically choose more brutal tactics over women like firearms while women are more likely to choose something such as overdose. For some perspective, 79% of suicide victims are men. For a surprising turn though, women are more likely to have suicidal thoughts. On another note, age can be a big factor in who are at risk for suicide. Between the ages of 15-24, suicide is one of the three main causes of death. Beginning at 10-14, the suicide rate is 1 in 100,000. By the ages of 20-24, the rate jumps to 12.4 in every 100,000. The highest increase is in males over the age of 50 at 30 in 100,000. For women between the age of 45-54, the rate is 9 in 100,000 and for men older than 75 it is 36 in 100,000. Sadly, but also understandable, it is found that with the elderly rate being so high, most cases are due to being divorced or widowed. The last category is racial and ethnic groups. Within this, Whites, American Indians and Alaska Natives have the highest rate, while Hispanics have the lowest, with African Americans being second to lowest. It is unknown why this occurs, but this information is found in multiple …show more content…
Doctors want to ensure that those who are struggling with their depression know that they can come to them to deal with their problems in a healthy matter. It has been proven that 90% of suicides have been caused from an existing mental illnesses or substance abuse problems. It is hard to understand the exact evidence as to why people find they should end their life, but it is known for sure that they do not do it out of spite or sympathy. Those who are at risk, the prevention of suicide itself and what to do with it, as well as depression linking to suicide can be found throughout numerous sources to help further educate those who don’t fully understand the idea. Men are more likely to successfully commit suicide, but women are more likely to have suicidal thoughts. This is not the only difference between those who are at risk of suicide. Many organizations have been set up to try and prevent or decrease the suicide rate in America, and with help, they could possibly achieve that

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