The Importance Of Suffragettes

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Were the sacrifices of Suffragettes worth earning the British women’s right to vote in the 19th century?

The director of ‘Suffragettes’, Sarah Gavron signifies that great sacrifices made by ‘Suffragettes’ gained them the women’s right to vote in England in the nineteenth century. “I know the sacrifices that you’ve made to be here, many of you I know are estranged from the lives that you once had, but tonight I feel your spirits.” These are some of the powerful words said by Emmeline Pankhurst in the film, regarding the great sacrifices that women have made to gain the women’s right to vote. For decades, women had peacefully campaigned for equality and to gain the right to vote, but their arguments were ignored. These women were not primarily
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A Suffragette who devotes her life to gain the vote; like Pankhurst, Davison 's actions such as her death ends up having a great impact on the women 's suffrage movement. In real life, Davison is jailed nine times for her militancy. During her time behind bars, she is subjected to many force feedings (many Suffragettes were force fed when they started hunger strikes in prison). In the film, on one unfortunate day, the devotee steps in front of King’s horse during a race which results in her death in the attempt to hang a ‘votes for women’ handkerchief on the horse’s saddle. This act of rebellion gains global attention for the cause as the world’s eyes was glaring at her in this event. Her unfortunate death receives the suffragette movement worldwide attention as many women turn out for her funeral, it draws global attention for women’s suffrage. To create significance of Davison 's death the film ends with a white frame transitioning to Davison’s real life funeral footage from the recreated scene by Gavron with sympathetic music as it deepens the audience’s emotional level towards the event. The white screen represents freedom for Davison and all other women, it also gives the audience a surreal feeling and to reflect upon the film and how far these women had come from the beginning- it represents all their sacrifices. Gratefully, Davison’s death paves the road for more rebellious women which leads to gain the vote, this is implied in the film as Watts becomes a more devoted Suffragette at the end. It also paves the way for further social reforms for women. As of now, it makes us wonder whether social reforms such as the feminist movement of the 1960s ever have started without women 's suffrage. The film ends with the representing a great sacrifice which is the loss of a loved one, but her sacrifice is shown as a celebration as many of these women celebrates their pain knowing it is for the greater good. Therefore,

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