Successful Testing And The Nuclear Bombs Essay

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Success in New Mexico builds upon continual successful testing and the development of four nuclear weapons. The government approves two bombs and two targets are as a means to an end and most likely a demonstration of power. Scientists from the Manhattan Project object to the use of this new technology as a weapon and aggressively argue against its use. Unfortunately, the threat of Russia expanding communist power and the non-compliance of Japan to submit to an unconditional surrender plays a big part in decisions to use the nuclear bombs. (Rhodes, 1986) STUXNET’s discovery in 2010 ends up in the hands of a Belarussian antivirus company. The first version employs its capability via direct access to systems and has limited zero day exploits, but Iran eventually overcomes this setback without realizing they are under attack. A new version carrying several zero day exploits alerting any analyst who acquires the version that STUXNET might be something more than just a simple computer virus, hit again. This complex cyber-weapon is the cause of over-pressure and rotor speed attacks, potentially over several years. These attacks deny, destroy, and degrade the centrifuges at Natanz as well confuse and frustrate the scientist and staff. (Langner, 2013) The projects diverge a bit when it comes to strategy and weapon effectiveness. The Manhattan Project publicly displays the first major weapon of mass destruction. Using them is a show of force and declaration…

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