Successful Aging By Canadian Males Essay

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Assignment 6: Successful Aging
A) Article Summary "Definition of Successful Aging by Canadian Males" gives a glimpse into the idea of successful aging. It informs us that that the idea of successful aging dates back to 44BC in an essay by Cicero. However, the western definition comes from a 1944 decision of the American Social Science Research Council. The study of successful age has been divided in the two groups: clinical standards and psychosocial theories.
Numerous studies on the concept of successful aging discussed in the article. From 1984 to 1990, Alameda County Study looked at men and women ranging from 65-95 years old. That study revealed chronic disease and depression reduced participants’ chances of successful aging. Whereas walking for exercise and personal contacts leads to successful aging.
According to Fries’ 1980 article, it reports that people live a vibrant and long life until right before death may well be a good example of successful aging. In 1961, Cumming and Henry presents the disengagement theory. Their theory describes successful aging as acceptance and reconciliation with the loss of power by withdrawal from society as we age and society withdrawing from the elderly. Next, Erikson’s stage model suggest psychological peace and ego integrity are the criteria for successful aging. This would entail reviewing our life when we read old age by looking over the past, tying up all the loose ends and looking at life as being good.
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